With the proliferation of Internet and Social Media, it has become essential for all traditional businesses to go online.

However, many businesses do not have the expertise or find it too expensive to obtain the services of consultants to take their businesses online.

Therefore, this "Step by Step Guide to Electronic Commerce" will help those businesses to go online in an easy to understand way.

The primary steps of taking the businesses online will have at least the following steps, which will be explained in separate posts for each step as given on the right as "Step by Step Guide".

Primary Steps

  1. Register a Domain Name for the Business
  2. Get a Web Hosting Account for the Business
  3. Develop a Web Site for the Business
  4. Setup a Shopping Cart for the Products and Services of the Business
  5. Add Products from Suppliers for the Business
  6. Integrate a Payment Gateway to get paid for the Products of the Business
  7. Market and Sell Products of the Business

Survival Aid Store is an example of a successful online business, which sells products related to Survival Aid used for outdoor activities in the wild.